Construction will start in May on a new building in Wellington, Carbon County, for CPS Printing Co., a subsidiary of Greater Buffalo Press, Dunkirk, N.Y., in which resin will be extracted from coal for use in producing ink and adhesives to be sold to domestic and foreign markets.

John White, general manager of the operation, told the Utah Economic Development Board the company has purchased 170 acres in Wellington and the new building uses only five acres, allowing for future expansion. The company currently is operating in a small building in Price.The first phase will result in 30 jobs, but the company is contemplating a major ink-producing complex in Wellington that could result in a $50 million investment and 250 jobs.

White was invited to tell board members about his company's plans since state rural development officials were instrumental in helping the company expand to Utah. White said he was treated very professionally by state employees and local government officials and "things have gone smoothly."

To extract resin from coal, CPS is using a controlled oxidation flotation process developed by Jan D. Miller, professor of metallurgical engineering at the University of Utah.