State officials Tuesday released notes by serial killer Ted Bundy revealing an ill-fated effort to persuade Florida Gov. Bob Martinez to postpone his execution in exchange for details on an untold number of unsolved murders.

Bundy's strategy, written on a seven-page outline over the final weekend of his life, made it clear that the 42-year-old former law student felt he could not provide authorities with adequate detail of his crimes under the pressure of his impending execution."Don't want to lose chance to tell all," wrote Bundy. "Not asking for clemency, just time."

"Must focus on Martinez now and families," Bundy jotted in the margin of his legal-size note pad.

"Need to draft letter and proposal to governor," Bundy wrote, later suggesting he was thinking of a 60-day death warrant to give him more time to work with authorities.

Martinez rejected the final overtures, saying Bundy had had plenty of time during nearly 10 years on death row to review his criminal past with authorities.

"It will happen," Bundy wrote near the end of his notes. "It is happening."

Bundy was executed Jan. 24 in the electric chair at Florida State Prison for the 1978 abduction, rape and murder of a 12-year-old Lake City schoolgirl, Kimberly Leach.

Copies of Bundy's notes were released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.