The Davis School Board will shuffle almost 300 elementary students among six Layton elementary schools next fall, despite protests by parents at a Tuesday night meeting.

The board voted unanimously to give final approval to a plan, prepared by a task force of administrators and parents, to move students from Adams, Layton and Lincoln elementary schools to King and Whitesides elementaries.Crestview Elementary will lose 86 students and gain 70. East Layton and Vae View elementaries will have no changes.

Several parents protested the changes at the board's meeting in Viewmont High School, saying they were never told about how the decisions would be made. The task force, composed of parents and principals from the eight Layton elementary schools, have been meeting since September and held several public hearings in local schools.

"I appreciate the public being allowed to be part of the decision-making process, but we have not been well informed. We didn't know of the task force," said Cathy Palmer, a parent living in the Adams Elementary area."This has produced a lot of frustration and anger."

She said frustration came particularly from the fact that Adams Elementary parents had wanted between 140 and 200 students taken from their school. Only 30 will be moved under the plan.

"We want some more meetings and we want you there," she told the school board.

Bob Scovill, a task force member representing Adams Elementary, said that both of the Adams representatives were absent when a subcommittee considering boundary changes voted to move only 30 students. However, Frank Blair, task force co-chairman and an Adams Elementary representative, said he believes the decision was democratic.

"We had a fair hearing at the task force meeting," Blair said.

He said a hearing at Adams Elementary, which 175 to 180 parents attended, gave opportunity for public discussion of the plan.

"We were represented well. We had our two votes, but we did not win," said Adams PTA president Marilyn Boren.

Scovill said he wanted an opportunity to study moving some Adams Elementary students to Hillfield Elementary, which has empty classrooms.

"The problem needs to be addressed on a districtwide level. It needs to be equalized throughout the whole district," Scovill said.

Board members proposed and then opposed language that would have allowed Adams to study solving growth problems with Hillfield Elementary. They said they supported the concept of solving the growth problems within Layton boundaries.

The board also took no action on task force recommendations about year-round and extended-day school schedules. A copy of the recommendation to place all Layton elementary schools on year-round or extended-day programs within three years will be given to each school. The schools must apply to the board for a schedule that is supported by a majority of teachers, parents and administrators.

The task force has recommended that King Elementary change from an extended-day to year-round schedule. It also recommended that Layton and Lincoln Elementary maintain extended-day schedules next year and in August 1990 possibly move to year-round schedules. East Layton may be required to move to a year-round schedule that year as well, the task force said.



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-30 Adams Elementary students living in Chapel Hills and Jake's Corner subdivisions will attend King Elementary next year.

-70 Layton Elementary students living in a subdivision just north of Gordon Street (10th North) between 22nd and 20th West will switch to Crestview Elementary.

-Lincoln Elementary students living in homes and a mobile home park north of Hillfield Road (U-193) and between Fairfield Road (850 East) and approximately 12th East will switch to King Elementary.

-Crestview Elementary students living in an area bordered by Fort Lane and 725 East and 405 South and Rosewood Lane (Seventh South) will switch to Whitesides Elementary.

-Special-education students attending Whitesides will be switched to Wasatch Elementary School.

-Students from new developments west of Quail Creek and Tri-Oaks subdivisions will enroll in King Elementary.