Some lawmakers were criticized last June when they approved a $70 million income tax rebate that cost $225,000 to send the checks out to taxpayers.

Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, told senators Tuesday that the state's "Gotcha" program, where back taxes, child support and other bills are taken from income tax rebates, netted $3.3 million on the $70 million rebate."So, next time someone complains about spending that $225,000 in sending the checks back, remind them we collected 10 times more than that cost from people who owed the state or others money," Hillyard said.

(BU) UTAH'S ELDERLY POOR will receive a $1.2 million property tax break.

The House Tuesday gave its stamp of approval to SB87, one of four different "circuit breaker" measures before the 1989 Legislature. The bill, which has the endorsement of Gov. Norm Bangerter, will give a $400 property tax credit for those at the bottom end of the scale, while the credit is adjusted according to income up to $15,000 a year.

"We are raising the eligibility and the limits," said Rep. Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake. "It has a substantial broadening effect on who will be eligible for relief. And it's about time we did something for the elderly in the state."