Utah has its own fair-housing law.

By a vote of 68-1, representatives voted to approve SB14, which mirrors existing federal legislation but puts responsibility for enforcing it back with the state.The bill makes housing discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, family status, source of income (to protect those who receive welfare) and other specific criteria illegal.

Although such discrimination is already outlawed, complaints have to be taken to Denver. With this bill, adjudication will take place in Utah.

(BU) THE HOUSE VOTED 68-0 Tuesday in favor of a bill that would allow a limited income tax credit to parents who elect to keep their handicapped children at home rather than put them in institutions.

"If they are institutionalized, it would cost the state a lot more than the $700,000 we're giving in tax credits," said House Majority Whip David Adams, R-Monticello.