A U.S. District Court suit claiming Morton Thiokol Inc. unfairly fired a whistle blower has been transferred to Salt Lake City from Chicago.

The suit was filed in September 1988 by Steven Wayne Agee, who was hired by Thiokol's Space Division in Brigham City following the Challenger disaster of January 1986. He went to work on Nov. 9, 1986, and was fired in March 1987 after briefing the FBI.Defendants include Donald Thompson, manager of quality assurance and Solid Rocket Motor System Safety at the Space Division; John Thirkill, vice president and chief executive officer at the Space Division; Edward G. Dorsey, Thirkill's predecessor; Kerry Sanofsky, a supervisor of Agee's in the Systems Safety AnalysisUnit at the Space Division; and ARC Technical Services Inc., a Utah corporation based in Maricopa County, Ariz.

Agee, an aerospace engineer with over 20 years of experience, was instructed to review the safety of the motor's nozzles, the suit says.

It claims that hazards reports were sidetracked by Thiokol management. Agee began reporting to the FBI, briefing the investigators fully, it says.