Police on Tuesday continued investigating the Sunday night shooting death of a west-side man in a case that appears similar to a homicide two weeks ago.

David P. Uckerman, 36, was found dead shortly after 9 p.m. Sunday in his home at 337 S. Post St. He had been shot in the head with a small-caliber handgun.A neighbor, 17, heard a burglar alarm coming from the victim's home, ran outside and saw two young men running away. When the teenager tried to stop them, they shot at him twice but missed. The suspects then jumped into a car and fled.

No valuables appeared to be missing from Uckerman's residence, and police believe the killing may be drug-related.

Drugs may also be the motive in the slaying of Vincent A. Thomas, 28, a known drug dealer who was gunned down Feb. 8 near the intersection of Pueblo St. (1440 West) and Ninth South.

"We have no specific suspects at this time," said homicide squad Sgt. Chuck Cockayne.

Cockayne said Thomas was shot several times with a small-caliber handgun. One shot struck him in the head.

His body was found lying face down outside a car with New York license plates, leading police initially to believe there was a drug connection to that state.

The car, however, was later found to be registered to Thomas' father, who had recently moved from New York and was living with Thomas in an apartment at 1647 Bramton Way. The elder Thomas died of natural causes in December, Cockayne said.

Police found red spots up the road from the victim's body and believed that another person may have been hurt in an altercation with Thomas. The spots were later determined not to be blood.