Gov. Norm Bangerter thanked Davis County Republicans for helping give him the edge in his November election at the county GOP's annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Bangerter said, "Thanks to Davis County you gave us a 9,000 vote plurality. We won by only 12,000. You made a big difference in this campaign. I want you to know we appreciate it."Those who "rolled up their sleeves" in Davis County helped turn the tide against Democratic challenger Ted Wilson Bangerter told legislators, county party leadership and other party supporters who gathered at the dinner Friday night at Farmington Junior High School. Sen. Jake Garn and Rep. Jim Hansen, both R-Utah, also spoke to the group.

Bangerter said that he believes Utah is the greatest place to live on earth and its future is looking up.

"We have the greatest people, we have the greatest lifestyle, the greatest scenery and the greatest snow. I hope all of you are enthused about what is happening in are state and your county. I think a lot of good things are happening," Bangerter said. "I believe Utah is really on the move. If we keep our heads up and eyes focused on the ball we are going to have some great years ahead."

Garn, who served as Bangerter's campaign manager, said he was glad that Bangerter won the election both because of partisan and personal reasons .

"I got very angry with the Democrats this last year," Garn said. "It was a double pleasure to see how hurt they were (when Bangerter won). When Jim (Hansen) and I have to put up with those liberal Democrats back in Washington it is nice to rub their noses in it."

Garn, who said he was "sick" of talking about Abraham Lincoln at 25 years of Lincoln Day Dinners, instead praised President George and Barbara Bush as "ordinary" and without a media-manufactured image.

"I am very seriously pleased with George and Barbara Bush as I have watched them so far. They are what they appear to be," Garn said. "It really nice to have an ordinary couple in the White House. I mean that as a sincere compliment."

Hansen thanked his home county crowd for their years of support and praised legislators from the county.

"If we can't do it in Davis County, we can't do it," Hansen said.

Hansen also praised George Bush as a "great guy." He said that Bush is genuine, sincere and shares the same principles as Utahns.

Echoing a campaign speech, Hansen said that he believes that the presidency has everything to do with ideology despite what Michael Dukakis said during the campaign.

He told of a conversation he had with President Ezra Taft Benson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints en route to Bush's inaugural. He said that President Benson said that love of country is one of the most important things people should espouse.

"I am really amazed in this country. We will do anything for a civic club or church, but when we don't do it for this country we have lost it all. Think about it. This has to be almost number one in my mind." Hansen said.

Steve Smoot, county GOP chairman, thanked the grassroots support of Davis Republicans. He credited their help with getting out some 28,000 voters - 92 percent of registered voters - in Davis County.