Should the state borrow $52 million for new buildings? Or should it borrow $25 million and pay cash for the other $27 million?

A battle is brewing over how much to borrow, with representatives preferring the former and senators the latter. In fact, senators want to spend a $19 million surplus that Gov. Norm Bangerter and a majority of House Republicans want to give back to taxpayers in the form of a tax cut.The House voted Monday in favor of HB369 to authorize the issuance of $52.1 million in bonds. A new $4.6 million courthouse for Sandy, $1.7 million for a museum at Hill Air Force Base and $550,000 for new outhouses for four state parks are among more than two dozen capital improvements scheduled for 1990.

The package will also, among other things, complete the new regional state prison at Gunnison ($17.7 million), remodel the Old Main building on the Utah State Campus ($4.5 million), remodel the Talmage Building on the University of Utah campus ($3.5 million) and remodel the old student union building on the Southern Utah State College ($3.7 million).

Senators agreed with the list of building projects, but they disagreed about how to fund them. They prefer a $25 million bond coupled with $19 million in surplus and $8 million from the state's so-called rainy day fund, and they amended the House bill to reflect that preference.

The bill is now back in the House for further action.

Among the other projects on the list for 1990 purchase:

A chemical storage building for toxic wastes stores at the Agriculture Building ($100,000); a computer business building at the College of Eastern Utah ($3.6 million); repair shops for the Department of Public Safety's communications equipment in South Ogden ($241,000) and in Richfield ($205,000); group homes for the Department of Social Services ($3 million); a parking lot for the health department ($500,000); a large agriculture building at USU to store farm equipment ($2.8 million); new liquor stores ($500,000); maintenance buildings for the Division of State Parks ($500,000); Remodeling five buildings at Weber State College ($2.3 million); and improving the Fairgrounds ($1 million).