A Frenchman who made a world-rec-ord 14,000 parachute jumps fell to his death when his chute didn't open properly, officials said.

Roch Pierre Charmet, making his seventh jump of the day Monday from Pacific Parachute Center, plunged into a stack of lumber at a lumberyard near the airport here, according to Yamhill County sheriff's Sgt. John Kowalik.The 59-year-old Montlhery man had jumped out of an airplane at 2,500 feet, said Pacific Parachute founder Ted Mayfield.

"He was just tumbling and falling to 500 feet," Mayfield said. "I saw his pilot chute come out and then a ball of garbage. It was just like the parachute didn't inflate. It was just a big ball."

Mayfield said Charmet had folded his own parachute.

Charmet learned to jump in 1958 as a paratrooper with a French army unit in Algiers. An instructor with the Parachute Institute of France, Charmet broke the world record in Sheridan last year when he made his 14,000th jump, Mayfield said.