Police still are looking for the person responsible for several reported rapes and sexual assaults in the Provo and Orem area since Dec. 1, Provo Police Capt. George Pierpont said.

He said that although six incidents have occurred within the past couple of months in Utah County, only two actual rapes were reported in Provo. The others have been attempted rapes and kidnappings.Police think the assailant could be the same person in all of the cases, said Toby O'Bryant, a detective with the Provo police.

Betty Engemann, director for the Center For Women and Children in Crisis, said, "Despite the present danger, women can reduce the risk of becoming a rape or sexual assault victim by trusting their intuition and by using common sense safety measures."

Studies show that being assertive can improve your chances of escaping rape or injury by not giving the appearance of being an easy victim, Engemann said.

The Center for Women and Children in Crisis is working with BYU's crime prevention unit to help educate women about rape prevention through seminars and by distributing informative pamphlets.

The Center also has available a 24-hour rape hotline. Call 377-5500.