Moslem guerrillas fired rockets on the capital Tuesday on the ninth anniversary of an uprising against the Soviet-backed government. The Foreign Ministry said the attack killed one person and injured three.

The bombardment was the first since Thursday, when a barrage of rockets killed at least seven people, including four children. The last Soviet troops left Afghanistan Wednesday.The Foreign Ministry reported that one rocket Tuesday struck near a government ministry for refugees in northern Kabul, killing one man and injuring three other people.

Three rockets hit southeastern Kabul, but there were no reports of casulties.

Earlier, the government displayed a huge cache of arms and explosives devises and said the guerrillas had planned to use them Tuesday to attack buildings and bazaars.

The Foreign Ministry took foreign reporters to the headquarters of KHAD, the government's secret police, where it had lined up the wide array of weapons on several tables.

Many had markings from the United States, Britain, Egypt, Sweden, China and Italy. Officials said others were made in Pakistan, where the most powerful guerrilla groups are based.

According to Moammad Omar, a state security agent, the weapons were seized Monday in a well in eastern Kabul. He said agents captured three guerrilla sympathizers.