A jury Friday awarded $7.25 million in additional damages to Rock Hudson's lover, who had already received an award of $14.5 million because the movie star failed to reveal he had AIDS.

The jury's decision on punitive and exemplary damages found that Hudson's secretary and confidant, Mark Miller, acted "with malice" and intended to cause injury to Marc Christian when he failed to tell Christian that Hudson had the deadly disease.Some legal experts denounced the $14.5 million in compensatory damages - $3.5 million more than the lawsuit asked for - as excessive, but a lawyer for Marc Christian, Hudson's former lover, had urged jurors Thursday to add another $14.5 million to the judgment in punitive and exemplary damages. The jury Friday awarded him half of that amount.

The jury answered three questions in its verdict, all of them "yes." The questions asked whether they found that Miller intended to injure Christian, that he acted with a "willful and conscious" disregard for Christian's safety and whether Miller's fraudulent conduct deprived Christian of a legal right or any other injury.

The jury decided Wednesday that Hudson and Miller were guilty of "outrageous conduct" by deliberately hiding Hudson's diagnosis.