Lloyd Bridges has found his second wind as a movie actor. His sons Beau and Jeff have recently gotten the big movie offers that never had come his way. He was happy for them, but also miffed that "I never really had my shot. I felt I was ready long before it happened. But now that it's happened the way that it did, I think I appreciate the breaks more." Now, at 76, he's back, as a much-in-demand character actor. Last year he was tapped to play the corrupt senator in "Tucker," starring son Jeff. (He freely admits that Jeff got him the job). Now he returns as the randy, know-it-all father in "Cousins." This spring Bridges will appear in another key supporting role in "Winter People." After that? "Who knows?" he said in a telephone interview from his Los Angeles home. "It's always tricky. You finish a job and you think you'll never work again."