Travelers seem to have accepted the new curbs on cigarette smoking aboard commercial jetliners, with no major incidents reported during the first few days of the restrictions, airline officials report.

While many smokers have complained about the smoking ban on domestic flights of two hours or less, they have made no attempt to challenge it, said spokesmen for more than a half-dozen major airlines and the flight attendants union."There has been no problem that I'm aware of. I think most people were aware of the rule and took it in stride," USAir spokesman David Shipley said Wednesday. Smoking was prohibited on about 90 percent of USAir's flights when the ban went into effect at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Cindy Yeast, a spokeswoman for the Association of Flight Attendants, which has 21,000 members at most of the major air carriers, said the smoking curb seems to be "working well" and she knew of no incidents.

At Northwest Airlines, where the ban went beyond government requirements and includes all domestic flights except those to Hawaii, officials said they anticipated some challenges to the rule but have had none.

"We didn't have a single incident where we've even had to chide anybody ... We anticipated more of a problem than there was," said Northwest spokesman Bob Gibbons.

Spokesmen for other airlines made similar reports.