A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has set an April 18 trial date in the case of the members of a polygamist sect indicted on 28 counts in an alleged truck-theft ring.

Deputy County Attorney Randy Wakefield said he hoped to salvage five to 10 criminal counts of the indictment against four children of the late Ervil LeBaron, founder of the Church of the Lamb of God.Judge Frank Galati has already supressed key evidence in the case after declaring that Phoenix police made an illegal search when five LeBaron children were arrested.

Police did not obtain a search warrant before they forced their way into a Phoenix motel room July 1, Galati said.

Galati said he will hold a March 3 hearing to determine which charges should be dropped.

Galati did allow Wakefield to take new sets of fingerprints from the defendents. The previously taken prints were thrown out of court.

Heber LeBaron, 24; Tarsa LeBaron, 22; Cynthia LeBaron, 22; Richard LeBaron, 17, and their half-brother, Douglas Lee Barlow, 28, were indicted on 23 counts of theft, conspiracy and illegal control of an enterprise.

Ervil LeBaron died of a heart attack in 1981 while in Utah State Prison for the 1977 murder of Rulon Allred, a naturopathic physician who also led a large polygamist sect.