Utah first lady Colleen Bangerter places her order for cookies from Girl Scouts Lisa Anderson, center, and Toni Smith. Mrs. Bangerter was one of the first to sign up in the 55th annual cookie drive, which runs through March 1. "I love these cookies," she told the two Salt Lake youngsters. "Norm loves the mints. They're his favorite." She ordered four boxes of Thin Mints, the most popular type of Girl Scout cookies, and two boxes each of Tagalongs and Trefoils - her personal favorite. "We eat lots of cookies," Mrs. Bangerter explained. "Everybody comes in and eats cookies at the governor's house." Utah's Girl Scouts sell more cookies than their peers in any other state - an average of 199 boxes each, says a press release. Last year more than 814,000 boxes were sold to customers in Utah.