Satanic cults have crept into every American community and high school, and devil worshipers prey upon teenagers - those who are insecure and going through transition, according to a survivor of ritualistic abuse.

Lauren Stratford lived through the satanic rituals and child abuse and now tours the country lecturing to law enforcement officials, therapists and parental groups about keeping children from becoming victims of devil worship."This is real. This is a danger. This can result in death - your teenager's death, their children's death, your death," Stratford told about 75 people at a Thursday night seminar.

Authorities estimate up to 8,000 cults exist in the United States, although a fraction of those groups worship the devil.

"Satanism is real. Satanism is here to stay," Stratford said. "Satanism brings destruction to many teenagers."

The woman told of teenagers who have committed suicide over their ties with devil-worshiping groups. And she told the story of her physically, emotionally and sexually abused youth.

After being exploited by her adoptive parents for kiddie pornography, she drifted into Satanism. The sexual abuse continued, and Stratford ultimately became pregnant.

When her son was 6 months old, Stratford said the boy was sacrificed by the high priest while the child lay atop her. When she tried to leave the cult, they threatened to kill her.

She went to the authorities with her tales. The police laughed. "But now the same police who laughed at me three years ago have asked me to talk to them" about devil worship.