While Utah lawmakers have been deciding if people can imbibe in limousines, Salt Lake County sheriff's detectives have been working to arrest limo drivers who allow drinking in their vehicles.

Undercover deputies on Thursday arrested a woman, 25, employed by Lady Jane Limousine Service, and a man, 37, employed by Mikey Joes Limousine Service.Both were booked into jail for investigation of unlawfully selling alcoholic beverages and allowing consumption of alcohol in a vehicle. The woman was also booked for investigation of unlawful distribution of cocaine.

Gee said it is coincidental that the arrests occurred while legislation is pending before the Utah Senate that would make it legal for limo and charter bus passengers to drink their own alcohol. The captain said, however, that the sheriff's office is opposed to such a law.

"How do you enforce it? We have no way to enforce consumption in those (limousines) - they're so damn dark, you can't even look inside them to see who's drinking."

The captain said minors could rent limos for the purpose of consuming alcohol.

His office is considering seeking county ordinances that would require limo operators and drivers to be licensed with the sheriff's office.

"We have no idea who's driving those limos." Licenses would be denied to people who have histories of drug and sex-for-hire offenses, Gee said.