Utah lawmakers and Gov. Norm Bangerter honored the Utah Jazz, especially National Basketball Association all stars Karl Malone, at microphone, Mark Eaton and John Stockton, and former Jazz coach Frank Layden, far left, on Friday. Malone jokingly asked senators to do something about his taxes. Ironically, they'd recently refused to do just that. Senators earlier in the day voted down a bill that would give a large tax break to high-income Utahns. Senators laughed loudly at Malone's request, with Senate Majority Leader Cary Peterson, R-Nephi, who supported the bill, slapping Senate Minority Leader Rex Black, D-Salt Lake, on the back after Malone's remarks. Black vehemently opposed the tax break but sponsored the Jazz and Layden commendation resolutions.Layden is now Jazz president, retiring earlier this year as the coach. Asked for comments, Layden said: "It's tough to speak before such talkers (as lawmakers). My family and I are proud to call Utah and Salt Lake City home."