You can catch a bus on Monday but you can't get into your safety deposit box. You can get your trash picked up, but you can't check out a library book in Salt Lake County.

President's Day is one of those confusing holidays that prompt some folks to close shop and go to St. George for a little sun while other businesses carry on as usual. It's tough to know which services you can count on.The Deseret News contacted several agencies and has compiled a list:

Available services

You are still invited to go UTA. The transit authority will run a full schedule of buses. If your trash is picked up on Mondays, have it out on the curb. Trash pickup will be on schedule in all of Davis and Salt Lake counties.

You can park free downtown. The Salt Lake City Department of Human Resources said the city's parking enforcement folk will be taking Monday off.

Of course, you can always shop. Retail shops will hold gala sales.

Unavailable services

Banks, government offices and schools will be closed. Your mail won't be delivered. If you planned to get the children out of the house by trotting them off to the library to check out some books, locale is everything. If you live in Salt Lake County, libraries are closed. Davis County libraries are open, however.