Yakima County prosecutors said they intend to file charges against the parents of a 7-year-old boy who was found abandoned at a rest stop near Boise, Idaho, last month.

Edward and Debra Tuinman and their four children had lived in a ramshackle cabin in Buena, south of here, for about three months.Since Eddy Tuinman was found at the rest stop, local law officers have been investigating to determine if any child abuse actually occurred in Yakima County.

Deputy Prosecutor Steven Keller said Tuesday that his office is still trying to decide exactly what charges to file.

The charges will be based on evidence collected by Yakima County sheriff's deputy Rose Roberson, who investigated the case recently in Utah and Idaho.

The family lived in the cabin until Jan. 3, when they apparently left for Arizona. The boy was found at the rest stop the next day.

Medical examination revealed the youngster had been burned by cigarettes and had suffered broken bones.

The parents were later arrested in Utah.