A murder case involving a 3-year-old Castle Valley boy went national Sunday night, one of three cases featured on the Fox Broadcasting Network's "America's Most Wanted."

The show uses re-enactments of crimes to inform viewers about people wanted for unsolved cases.The show was recently successful in helping Utah authorities arrest a man wanted in connection with a West Valley double murder.

Sunday's case focused on the death of Michael Barrie, who died of asphyxiation Dec. 16, 1986, in Moab. Police are seeking Steven Ray Allen in connection with the death.

Allen is described as a 5-foot-10-inch, brown-haired, blue-eyed mountain man who works as a ranch hand or sheep herder. Police believe he could be working in the Utah or Idaho areas. He is known to have two dogs and was last seen setting out on horseback near the Dolores River in eastern Utah on a trapping outing just two weeks after Michael's death.

Michael's death was first attributed to an aneurysm. No autopsy was performed because the mother, Debbie Barrie, refused to allow it. Weeks later Michael's 5-year-old brother Matthew told his mother that Allen regularly hurt Michael when she was not there.

Police now believe Michael was asphyxiated by Allen while the two were alone in a car outside a Moab shopping center while Matthew and Debbie were inside Christmas shopping.

Utah Attorney General Paul Van Dam, who was featured briefly on the show, described some of the abuse Michael suffered.

Officials hope the show will help them get information about where Allen has been living and possibly lead to an arrest.

Last fall, a similar effort by West Valley Police led to the arrest of Steven Ray Stout in Louisiana. After an "America's Most Wanted" broadcast that featured a home video clip of Stout and his former wife, he was turned in by a woman with whom he was living in Louisiana.