An man wanted for bank robbery in Wisconsin was apprehended near Nephi after he was stopped for speeding by the Utah Highway Patrol.

Sgt. Paul Mangelson said that after he stopped Fred Blacks, 26, Madison, Wis., Blacks gave him a false name. "The more I questioned him, the more nervous he got."

Blacks then got back in his car and headed north on the interstate at a high rate of speed. Mangelson said the man traveled at speeds approaching 105 mph. Mangelson radioed for back-up.

Blacks drove his car through the freeway divider and headed south, leaving the freeway at the south Nephi freeway exit and stopping at a convenience store where he was apprehended.

FBI agent Cal Clegg said Blacks is wanted for two bank robberies in Wisconsin and, since being arrested, confessed to another bank robbery in Wisconsin.

Blacks was taken to Juab County Jail and later transported to Salt Lake City where he was being held pending federal removal proceedings.