If you have ever doubted that an elephant is a slow, deliberate animal, ask Steve Studdert.

The presidential assistant flew in and out of Utah Thursday after making several appearances for the Republican Party. Despite his hurried, hassled schedule, time stood still at an Alta Club luncheon, where Studdert's speech was delayed by other important matters.Elephant Club members, who spend $1,000 a year to belong, kept Studdert waiting while they discussed whether to meet weekly, or on special occasions; whether to hold luncheon meetings at the Chuck-A-Rama or the Alta Club and area hotels; whether to have guest speakers or talk among themselves; whether to allow politicians to join free; and whether speakers should give shorter speeches and allow more time for questions - or speak longer and answer questions as they hurry out of the meeting.

One decision was made. Chuck-A-Rama is out.

Other Elephant matters will be decided when the group is polled through the mail in the future.