A young bottlenosed dolphin that had refused to leave a cold bay and migrate south for the winter with others of its kind was captured Friday by a rescue team that will take the marine mammal to Florida.

The dolphin, nicknamed "Rascal," was lured into a shallow area of Broad Bay and was captured in a net by a seven-member rescue team from Sea World at Orlando, Fla."The operation went perfectly," said Jack Pearson, curator of mam-mals at Sea World, where the dolphin will be taken. He said the dolphin had lost some weight but appeared otherwise healthy.

"He just ran into the net," Pearson said.

The dolphin was placed on a stretcher and taken to Patrick Henry International Airport in Newport News, where a private plane was waiting to fly the dolphin to Florida.

Divers in the water and several people on shore broke into cheers and applause when the dolphin was captured after about an hourlong effort.

Residents who had lobbyed to have the dolphin rescued since the fall said they had mixed feelings about Rascal's departure.

"You hate to see him go, and yet for his own good he needs to be moved," said Peggy Harris.