Some people collect stamps, others collect coins. Torrey Tellefsen collects college degrees.

Tellefsen, 38, of Greensboro, N.C., says he's earned 900 to 1,000 college credit hours at 39 colleges around the country. He has a box filled with 30 two-year associate degrees in fields including business administration and criminal justice. At least four colleges have awarded him bachelor's degrees."In terms of his academic record, he is the most unique person I have ever met, or anyone has ever met," said Larry Hungerford, Tellefsen's adviser at Winston-Salem State University.

Tellefsen has yet to complete a graduate degree, but Wake Forest University says he's a few hours short of completing a law degree; he's working on a master's in counseling at North Carolina A&T State University; and is completing courses for a master's degree in business at North Carolina Central University.