If companies sometimes hire an attorney to solve their legal problems, should they hire human resource experts if they need help in that area?

Bruno Vassel III believes so and that's why he formed his own company, Human Resource Services, nine months ago. He claims it's the only company in the United States providing a full range of human resource services.Some companies, mostly the larger ones, have human resources departments but can only offer help in a few areas. Small companies can't afford to have a human resource department, and that's one of the reasons Vassel organized his company that has 25 employees in Salt Lake City and Sandy offices.

In addition to the full-time employees, Vassel has agreements with people in many parts of the country who provide their expertise in the human resources field when requested by a company. In some cases, the expert writes a questionnaire that is answered by company officials and sent back for analysis on how to handle the problem.

With larger companies, either Vassel or one of his experts visits the company for a few days to handle the human resource problem. In some cases, he has traveled to foreign countries to solve problems and the fact that he speaks six languages helps.

Human Resources Services provides help in international human resources, needs assessment, training, compensation, recruiting, succession planning, benefits and perks, human resources audits, key management development, strategic planning, organizational development, outplacement, performance appraisals and quality and productivity improvement.