Two Salt Lake lawyers have filed suit in U.S. District Court challenging the requirement that all attorneys in the state must pay Utah State Bar dues, alleging some of the money is used for unnecessary purposes.

The suit was filed by Brad Parker and Brian M. Barnard, who don't object to the part of their bar dues used to regulate the legal profession, as established by the Utah Supreme Court.But Parker and Barnard said that while all lawyers are required to pay the dues in order to practice in the state, the bar has some activities not related to this duty.

Among these, they say, are publishing a newsletter, sponsoring educational courses and seminars, lobbying the Legislature, conducting public relations, "selling mailing lists of attorney names and addresses," passing resolutions on social or political issues, and pursuing "numerous public policy positions with which individual members of the bar may not agree."

Another complaint in the suit is that the bar supports the Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City.

The action asks for an injunction to prevent the bar from "assessing monetary dues against the plaintiffs to be used for any purpose other than admission and discipline of bar members."