For the first time in 13 years, snowmobiles went around in circles. That is, they raced around in circles.

After a 13-year absence, oval racing resumed here in Utah. On Saturday, more than 75 machines showed up at the Heber Rodeo Grounds and raced on what has been for years a track used strictly by horses.Racing will continue today. According to race organizers, more than 100 machines are expected to compete for trophies and a purse of $1,000.

According to Ken Robison, treasurer of the newly formed Utah State Snowmobile Racing Association, the turnout on the first day was good, "but not what we'd hoped for. It's going to take time.

"Back in Wisconsin, where oval-track racing is big, they'll get 25,000 to 30,000 fans out to watch one of the big races. Someday, maybe, when we've got our own track, it might be that popular here," he said.

Actually, there were two events on Saturday. The first was a speed run and the second the oval racing.

On the speed run, Dee Eggert of Bountiful won top honors with a top speed of 92 miles per hour at the end of the 750-foot track.

On the oval, where machines were reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour on the straights of the half-mile track, there were seven stock classes running, five modified classes, and five full-modified classes.