Utah-based telemarketing firm Nice Corp. has acquired AAA Advertising and Direct Mail and is in the process of merging the two companies into a building now being renovated at 175 W. 27th South.

David LeForestier, vice president and general manager of AAA, has assumed the same position for Nice Corp.'s new Direct Marketing Services division, which will operate out of the new facility.Michael B. Falk, industrial properties agent for the Salt Lake office of Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Services, handled the deal for the facility, the former 22-year-old headquarters and warehouse of the Oscar E. Chytraus Co., which has quit business.

LeForestier said AAA will be merged into Nice but the AAA name, well-known in Salt Lake City, will be retained, at least for the present. Ownership of AAA has changed eight times in the past seven years. Nice Corp., founded in Utah 12 years ago, was acquired last year by Cincinnati Bell.

LeForestier said the new Direct Marketing Services Division will combine facilities formerly at Centennial Park and in the Clearfield Freeport Center and create some 450 new jobs at the Salt Lake operation, boosting Nice Corp.'s employment at Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo and Cedar City from 3,600 to about 4,000.

The company has leased 72,000 square feet of space at the 27th South facility with options on the remaining 70,000.

LeForestier said the new plant will open another telemarketing operation next month but most of the space will be devoted to assembling and shipping of clients products sold by Nice through phone sales, such as a diet program it is currently marketing that includes eight food supplements that must be packaged and assembled from bulk stores and shipped to customers.

He said the move is an attempt to provide an expanded menu of services under one roof. "Once you provide clients more than one service, such as telemarketing, it's hard to lose them," he said. "Telemarketing is highly competitive and becoming more so."

That's particularly true in Utah, he said, where a number of companies, including AT&T, Delta Airlines, Sears and J.C. Penney have come or are planning to come to Utah with telemarketing operations.

Utah is attractive to telemarketers, he said, because of the abundance of reliable, well-educated potential employees whose speaking voices are relatively accent free and are understandable to people in all areas of the country.

Telephone marketing in general has come under fire recently as many consumers complain of late night solicitations, computerized calls from recorded voices and other "cold call" techniques. LeForestier said Nice is guilty of none of those, limiting its calls to 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local times and using only live operators.