Intel Corp. has developed a "supercomputer on a chip" that will be offered as the basis for a new line of high-speed computers, a senior Intel executive disclosed.

Intel's N-10 chip is the main source of excitement at the Integrated Solid State Circuits Conference in New York, the biggest research meeting of the year for the world semiconductor industry.Intel was not permitted to discuss the commercial uses of the new chip in its technical presentation, but in an interview afterward, Intel senior vice president David House said the company sees the N-10 as the basis for a major new line of computers.

Some analysts had predicted the Intel chip would be offered only as a helper chip to Intel's main microprocessors, such as the 80386 and forthcoming 80486 that are the brains of personal computers.

But House said the chip also would be offered as the main processor in engineering and graphics workstations and multiprocessing computers. Other companies, with Intel's help, could build computers around the N-10, House said.