Every weekend for the past 200 weekends, 87-year-old William Robertson has boarded a cruise ship for a three-night excursion to the Bahamas and back.

"There's no better way to spend the weekend," says the retired restaurateur."I love the ocean, the ship and talking to people," Robertson adds. "I'm going to do it every weekend 'til I die."

He's not trying to set any records. He simply loves being aboard the Starship Oceanic, mingling with the passengers and crew and getting special recognition at the ship captain's cocktail party every Saturday night.

Captain Dimitrios Chilas, one of Premier Cruise Lines' ship masters, presented Robertson with an honorary captain's uniform on his 86th birthday and Robertson wears it to the traditional party, where he is introduced to the passengers as a special member of the staff.

"He's a very special person and we're always glad to have him aboard," Chilas said.

Robertson, who lives in Melbourne, is tan and fit, boasting that he gave up smoking and drinking in 1950 "and never missed either." He weighed 230 pounds at that time and is now a svelte 160.

"I was in the restaurant business for 40 years before I retired to Florida," Robertson says proudly. "I had two wives and I had a good time. I'm still enjoying life."

The company's Janine Warell said Robertson has logged more than 108,000 nautical miles on the three-night excursions.