Peter O'Toole says he doesn't think he has changed much since "Lawrence of Arabia" made him an overnight star in 1962. "My hair is a slightly different color," the 56-year-old actor says in an interview with Us magazine. "People who haven't seen me for a long time tell me I haven't changed physically. And inside I don't feel any different from when I was quite a young fellow." O'Toole said he has no regrets about the ups and downs in his life, not even his drinking days. "I wouldn't have missed one drop of alcohol that I drank," he said, noting that most of his drinking buddies - Richard Burton, Peter Finch and Robert Shaw - are dead. "The risks we took, the life we led. Sadly that's all over," he said. "My health was affected, and there came a point when it was actually more difficult to go on drinking than to give it up."