There will be an ABC television movie of "The Final Days," the Bob Woodward-Carl Bernstein book about the fall of Richard Nixon, but the producers better not hope for help from Nixon's friends. John H. Taylor, an aide to the ex-president, sent out a harshly worded memo urging Nixon's associates to shun the project, The Miami Herald reported Saturday. "Because of the singularly odious and vicious nature of this project, we are asking everyone, in deference to the Nixon family, to refuse to have anything to do either with this project or indeed for the time being with ABC," the Feb. 3 memo said. Taylor says the movie-makers aren't mentioning that their work is based on "The Final Days," a book that Nixon especially hates, even blaming it for a stroke his wife, Pat, suffered after it was published. "It may well be that the producers wish to recruit other of President Nixon's friends and family and are therefore covering up the true nature of the project as long as possible, since they must be aware of the reaction that they would get from RN loyalists at the mention of the book's title," the memo said.