To the editor:

The gap between middle-income taxpayers and federal employees continues to grow. If government in Washington, D.C., has become too expensive to support, perhaps Congress should consider Fillmore. It would do wonders for land values in Millard County.I should like to propose a fantasy.

Our president announces that we have priced ourselves out of the international market. We have an unprecedented and seemingly uncontrollable deficit. It is a time for sacrifice.

He requests that all federal employees accept with good grace and good will a salary reduction of 5 percent. He also requests that state and local governments join in.

A fantasy? Yes. But nothing would restore confidence in our government nationally and locally, as well as in our financial markets and our economy, as would this simple proposal that "government" is willing to lead out in difficult times.

Lorin N. Pace

Senator, Ninth District

Salt Lake County