Utah's economic development in the "Age of the Entrepreneur" will depend on the training and imagination of its graduates, said John W. Seybolt, dean of the University of Utah College of Business.

"We know that our singularly most important contribution to the business and economic development of our state is creating and maintaining superb education programs," Seybolt said.The linchpin for Utah's future economic growth is the development of a new generation of more diverse, more innovative and more visionary young managers, a challenge facing business colleges across the country, he said.

Education programs must teach managers creativity and imagination and a strong commitment to long-term development and high ethical standards.

"We have one goal in mind - to prepare the future leaders of the business, government and academic communities by ensuring that they can be more innovative, knowledgeable and better prepared for the complexity of their worlds," Seybolt said.

Dramatic, rapid changes in the state's workforce and in technology have created an extremely complex environment for business in Utah, he said.

The university's College of Business accepts the challenge of developing educational programs that meet the needs of Utah businesses and of nurturing economic development is a major goal of the school.

"We are convinced the programs we have developed and refined over the years meet the challenging needs of today's and tomorrow's managers," he said. "The external environments which businesses face have never been more volatile."

Seybolt is an authority on organizational behavior and humanizing the workplace.