Missouri coach Norm Stewart probably stands a 90 percent chance for a full recovery from colon cancer and gallbladder surgery, but may not coach again this season, physicians said.

"His chance for a complete cure could be as high as 90 percent," Dr. Walter Peters said Wednesday.Peters, who operated Tuesday on the 54-year-old Stewart, joined Stewart's personal physician, Dr. Jay Ward, at a news conference to discuss the coach's health. One-third of Stewart's colon and all of his gallbladder were removed in the operation.

Stewart remained in satisfactory condition at Columbia Regional Hospital on Wednesday and was still undergoing treatment for at least seven ulcers.

Ward said the tumor had not spread to the outside of the colon or to the nearby liver.

Peters said there were no plans for further surgery or treatment on the cancer. Tests were being conducted and results were expected within three days.

Missouri, coached for 22 years by Stewart, hosts Nebraska on Sunday.