The names of 13 top scholars and twice that many runners-up were added to Sterling Scholar annals Wednesday night as the 32nd edition of the academic program climaxed.

But for every winner named in the final ceremonies at Cottonwood High School, a half dozen or more Utah students tucked away impressive portfolios and added participation in the Deseret News/KSL program to their high-school laurels."This is a high-profile way to honor scholars. Our athletes, musicians and others have their opportunities to be recognized, but not always our outstanding scholars," said Timpview High School Principal Randy Merrill.

Merrill headed a contingent of teachers and counselors from the Utah Valley school who had come to Cottonwood to see the culmination of several months of intense efforts.

They had plenty to cheer about as the evening progressed. Three of their students took top honors and three more were named runners-up - an impressive achievement in a competition that pits the cream against the cream of each of the high schools along the Wasatch Front. At the end of the evening, it was time for a huge joyous group hug among the Timpview winners and about that many more finalists from the school.

Timpview works most of the school year at grooming winners, Merrill said. Each student who wants to try for Sterling Scholar status gets faculty help. A "club" is formed to help them put together portfolios that will impress judges. The pictures of school winners are posted, and there are dining-out celebrations for those who succeed.

"We want the Sterling Scholars to set a standard for excellence in our school," the principal said.

In all, 195 finalists had their moment in the spotlight Wednesday night - with a few exceptions. Alejandro Sepulveda, Alta, was not present because he was in Washington, D.C., receiving a prestigious national award. Sterling Scholars tend to do that sort of thing. His absence left the winners' podium a little lopsided as the winners in foreign language were announced. He was a runner-up in the category.

Program hosts Kent Norton of KSL-TV and Kay K. Malone, wife of Jazz player Karl Malone, had "foreign language" problems of their own as they tried to pronounce the names of some of the students in that category. A vivacious Dee Sananikone of West Jordan smiled and shrugged her shoulders as her name went through several gyrations. She's used to it. And the winner, Angela Boskovich, also graciously overlooked mispronunciations of her name as she reveled in her top honors in the category.

An astute audience often could spot the winner before his or her name was announced. For instance, a big grin lit up the face of Michael K. Winder, Taylorsville, as the announcers went through a list of the many accomplishments that made him a winner in the social sciences.

Although most of the scholars maintained a staid demeanor, there were those who gave the moment their own stamp. Amber Scott of Kearns performed a little curtsey as her name was announced as a finalist in mathematics, and Carson Dixon of Davis had a little wave for the crowd as he joined other business education finalists on the stage.

Abe Kimball of Pleasant Grove took the artist's prerogative to express his individuality, showing up for the awards event in cap, suspenders and tennies - a little aberration in a crowd dressed to the nines. Regardless, he obviously was dressed for success. He was a runner-up in the visual arts competition.

In the technology education category, which is traditionally dominated by males, two female finalists headed up the queue and brought up the rear - a girl sandwich of sorts. But those two young women, Gina Smith of Clearfield and Jennifer Arnold of Weber, were the runners-up in the group, sharing the winners' podium with Jared Haynie of Hillcrest, the winner.

Entertainment for the evening ranged from the hep hoopla of the Olympus High Jazz Ensemble to the hip-hopping hula of an impressive Kearns High Polynesian dance group - with a mellow melody from the Skyline High Highlites and a toe-tapping dance from the Cyprus High dance company as contrast.

Proud parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family and school supporters were apparent in the audience as the heaviest applause shifted with the naming of winners. Still cameras and video cameras were humming to record the moment for posterity.

John and Shauna Duke were experiencing their first Sterling Scholars awards ceremony. The family moved from Albuquerque, N.M., to Bountiful only a year ago - just in time for Clint, a senior at Bountiful High, to put together an impressive portfolio in the speech/drama category. He was a runner-up.

"We've enjoyed it immensely," said John Duke. "It's great to have something that recognizes academic achievement.

Clint was swapping congratulations with a classmate, Amy Osmond, also of Bountiful, who was still feeling the afterglow of being named runner-up in the general scholarship category. She has set her sights on being a doctor - preferably an obstetrician so she can participate in one of the joyful aspects of medicine.

The Sterling Scholar winners receive $1,000 and runners-up $250, with additional opportunities to tap into scholarship funds provided by Utah institutions of higher education and others interested in promoting the future of outstanding Utah youth.

Two 1993 Sterling Scholar winners, Anna Mohlman, who won in speech/drama, and Kim Wood, a winner in industrial education, were hostesses for the evening, handing out hugs and handshakes along with checks to this year's top scholars.





Deborah Ann Farmer

Timpview High School

Parents: James and Gladys Farmer


I have always written. When my fourth-grade teacher assigned a Christmas story, I would turn in a 10-page typed melodrama. I wrote a 40-page autobiography at the age of 10 - again an enhanced school assignment. I adore language because it helps me feel who I am. Writing hurts. I only partly know why. Words control me more than I control them, but they cradle me as gently as the withered birch. My goal is to use my voice to help other souls know that they have one, too.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 19th in a class of 510. Current GPA is 3.99. Scored 32 on the ACT test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Scenic artist for seven school plays; assistant director, two school plays; Drug-Free Committee of Timpview, president 1993-94; We the People . . . The Citizen and the Constitution, member of a three-person team taking first place in national Bill of Rights Competition; Girl's State delegate.

LEADERSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Member, Health Occupation Students of America; math tutor; Special Olympics volunteer; editor in chief, Timpview Thunderbolt school newspaper; intern at elementary school for fourth-grade writing program.

HONORS AND AWARDS: National Foundation for Achievements in the Arts, honorable mention; National Council of Teachers of English, award winner; BYU RE:Write, second place; Utah League of Utah Writers youth division, first and second place; Freedom Festival at Provo essay contest, first place; Freedom Festival at Provo speech contest, second place.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Deborah is a person with a sense of mission who follows the high expectations of a demanding regimen that she has set for herself. Her rewards are generated by maintaining this exacting standard of personal integrity and accomplishment. There is no limit to Deborah's ability and her willingness to assist.


Eric Pabst

East High School

Parents: Wendell Pabst and Valerie Buckman

Salt Lake City

In elementary school, math came very easily. I began pre-algebra in fifth grade. When others in my class were struggling, I tried to help them, making new friends and strengthening older ones. In seventh grade, I won first place in the state math contest for my grade. Through the help of my dad, I learned how to program our home computer. I have competed internationally and owe much to Mrs. Green, my computer science teacher, as well as my family and friends. My goal is to be a great father.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 49th in a class of 376. Current GPA is 3.59. Scored 34 on the ACT test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Mentor for SuperQuest at East; team member, SuperQuest 1993.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: Tutor, math and computers; special education partner, East High LDS Seminary; member, All-State Choir; member, Mormon Youth Chorus; member a cappella choir.

HONORS AND AWARDS: SuperQuest finalist, leading East High team as a national winner; ACSL, Western Region, high scorer; State MathCounts first team; state high school programming contest, first place; East High Computer Club, best programmer. Bronze medal, International Computer Olympiad, Argentina, one of four chosen to represent the United States.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Eric is the most outstanding problem-solver in computer science at East High School. He accepts each problem as a challenge, giving much analytical thought to each as he solves it. Our whiteboards have been filled with Eric's mathematical equations and solutions, many of which he will share with an interested listener. He is an excellent role model and team leader of computer science teams at East High at the state and national level for the past three years.

Social science

Michael K. Winder

Taylorsville High School

Parents: Kent and Sherri Winder

Salt Lake City

I became interested in social sciences at a young age. I remember coming home from preschool with a Weekly Reader about the 1980 presidential campaign. My mother still laughs about the time I decided to be a presidential candidate for Halloween in 1980. I enjoyed learning about social studies on my own through reading and have various maps on my bedroom wall. I love geography of both the real world and the worlds I create in my imagination. My goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others through meaningful service to community, state, nation and the world.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 1st in a class of 667. Current GPA 4.0. Scored 29 on the ACT Test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Presided over school's constitutional convention; Orchestrated school's three-day leadership conference; Organized Freedom Week and Freedom Assembly.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: Student body president; junior class senator, established Utah Federation of Teenage Republicans; charter member of The Concord Coalition; Eagle Scout.

HONORS AND AWARDS: Principal's leadership award; 1993 Utah Governor's Honors Academy; National Geography Bee, state semifinalist; Coca-Cola Scholar; Excellence in Gifted and Talented Geography Award.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Mike decided he wanted to be our school's Sterling Scholar in social science as a sophomore and has worked toward this goal. He enrolled in three AP classes as a junior and is the first and only student at our school to have done so. He passed the College Board exams in American history, government and politics, comparative government and politics and European history with the highest possible scores. He is a well-rounded person and is a "mover and shaker" who wants to apply his knowledge to life.


David Lawrence Farmer

Orem High School

Parents: Larry C. and Katherine J. Farmer


Science has always intrigued me. I am fascinated by history, enjoy music and the arts, and am interested in politics. As a child, I continually wanted to know "how" or "why" things happened. Now, through my education and experiences, I have begun to gain a broader understanding of my previous childhood questions. Probably the greatest factor that has strengthened by interest in science has been the experience in the Hughes Biological Summer Research Program at the University of Utah. Through this experience, I plan to begin work in labs associated with immunology and hope to one day do cancer or HIV/AIDS research. My goal is to benefit humanity by becoming a cancer and AIDS researcher.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 15th in a class of 700. Current GPA 3.98. Scored 33 on the ACT Test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Completed a project dealing with the kinetics of malic enzyme in different solution viscosities; Westinghouse Science Talent Search finalist, Washington, D.C., 1994; participated in Electron Microscope Lab at Brigham Young University; organizer of science Olympiad at Orem High School.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: State finalist in the Century III Leadership Program; organizer and president of Academic Decathlon team; president, Political Awareness Club; president, Science Club; vice-president, Key Club.

HONORS AND AWARDS: finalist in the National Science Scholarship Program; BYU Outstanding Science Student Award; formal presenter at the Intermountain Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and BYU Electron Microscope Lab.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: David is always prepared in my class and one of the most thorough and precise students I have ever had. He has a broad background in math, physical and biological sciences and is very self-motivated. Other students consistently check with him on procedural questions while in the lab. David is not so concerned with just getting done with a lab or assignment but in understanding it and making sure it is correct. He has exceptional skills for research and his skills will make him productive in his chosen field.

Technology education

Jared Haynie

Hillcrest High School

Parents: Michael B. and Julie Haynie


As a child, I remember my dad working on his old '55 Ford pickup nearly every weekend. I remember thinking how neat it would be to work with him in the grease and oil. These early experiences created my interest for mechanical and vocational education. At Union Middle School I was enrolled in both a woodworking and metalworking course where I was able to apply some of my talent and curiosity. The dedication, hard-work ethic and drive to compete that I've learned through my family - as well as other experiences - have provided a well-balanced background that will help me in all areas of life. My goal in life is to be happy and productive while giving service to those around me.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 1st in a class of 696. Current GPA 3.99. Scored 32 on the ACT Test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Participated at the region level in VICA Knowledge Bowl Competition; completed projects in auto shop; participated in Salt Lake Community College and Weber State University automotive competitions; helped design and build a centrifuge for experimenting with centripetal accelerations.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: School activities coordinator; participated in food drives, Sub-for-Santa; spoke at National Honor Society induction ceremony; football team quarterback and receiver; volunteer for disabled children; member, Hillcrest Husky Club to help disabled children; monthly volunteer at Utah State Prison for past six years.

HONORS AND AWARDS: "Dependable Husky Award," for electronics; selected to participate in VICA Knowledge Bowl; second place, state math contest; Hillcrest Prestigious Scholar Athlete Award, Academic All-State Football Team.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Jared has demonstrated the ability to use new concepts and integrate them into projects at levels far above average. In electronics, he designed and built a light-sensitive alarm for household use. He has worked on fuel-injected vehicles, performed four-wheel alignments, diagnosed and repaired engine malfunctions. He is very mechanically inclined and has a very sharp mind. Jared is happiest when he is discovering and learning.

Family, consumer & health sciences

Kerry Kinateder

Provo High School

Parents: Rick and Diane Kinateder


As a child I remember staying up after everyone had gone to bed to sneak scraps from my mother's sewing garbage. I would take anything I could get my hands on because I loved to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls. Even then, I was fashion-conscious. I remember purposefully placing the stripes on my Barbie doll's skirt vertically and not horizontally - I didn't want her to look fat! As I look back on these memories I laugh. Little did I know that these childish acts would open the door to my future. These skills will not only help me in my home, but in today's ever changing society. My goal is to seize the day.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 32nd in a class of 404. Current GPA 3.92.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: First place, "Make It With Wool," best use of color, 1992; gold medal, State FHA "Parliamentary Procedure" Star Event; sliver medal, National FHA "Parliamentary Procedure" Star Event, Washington, D.C.; first place in region, "Make It With Wool," 1992.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: State vice president, Utah Association of Future Homemakers of America; organized and conducted FHA regional conference, 1994; planned state FHA convention, 1994; assisted with fund-raising project for bone marrow transplant recipient; organized Family Support and Treatment Center fund-raiser; made baby clothes for premature babies.

HONORS AND AWARDS: Silver medal, FHA, 1990; Multiple awards in art shows, table designs and "Make It With Wool."

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: There is a theory that says outstanding success in a person's life is determined by multiplying their abilities and their motivation together. Kerry is a young woman who proves this theory. Being extremely bright, she could easily have coasted through high school using very little effort. Instead, she has been motivated to involve herself in a variety of activities. The combination of her unique gifts and her drive have made her outstanding in everything she does.

Business and Marketing Education

Kimberly Lynn Jeffs

West Jordan High School

Parents: David and Vicky Jeffs

West Jordan

My interest began as a sophomore in high school. I took a business law class and began learning about business. That class piqued an interest in me to learn about other aspects and angles of business. The next year I took a marketing class and got involved with DECA and the promotion parts of business. These new ideas about supply and demand, pricing and promotion fascinated me. I liked what I was doing and applied it through DECA competitions. My goal is to become a successful international business marketer/administrator, with a background in corporate law.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 13th in a class of 666. Current GPA 3.98.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Initiated the Fashion Board at West Jordan; coordinated the 1994 fashion show.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: School DECA president; vice president, Fashion Board; Sen. Orrin Hatch Youth Advisory Committee; volunteer at South Valley Health Care Center; student tutor; Utah Business Week participant; MDA volunteer.

HONORS AND AWARDS: Executive Women International Scholarship Program award finalist; second place, DECA district and state competition; finalist, National DECA competition; DECA Leadership Award; graduate of Business Week; Marketing Student of the Month.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Kimberly has taken advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. The most important contribution that she has made is her leadership ability. She makes everyone feel important, and she is an excellent example of maturity and organization. Kim has outstanding time management skills and is able to accomplish her many goals. She is an example to all students by showing them the importance of business and marketing in a high school student's life and in their future.

Foreign Language

Angela L. Boskovich

Bingham High School

Parents: George and Sharon L.S. Boskovich, South Jordan

When I was accepted into the Accelerated Learners Program for Jordan School District during third grade, my father was asked to teach French one day a week. My teacher, Barbara Kreek, taught us German, and I have continued to learn languages ever since. The summer following my junior year I spent with my aunt and uncle learning Serbo-Croatian. I plan to continue to study languages and hope to perfect those I have studied. My future relies upon my ability to speak different languages as I hope to serve this country as a foreign diplomat. My life goal is to be true to my principles, true to my loved ones and to give back to the community that which it has so generously given to me.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 51st in a class of 733.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Member, Bingham High Political Science Club lobbying the state legislature for historical preservation; Sub-for-Santa participant; captain, Academic Decathlon team; lived in Switzerland for nine months and attended school.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: Student senate delegate; Lion's Club Leader of Tomorrow award.

HONORS AND AWARDS: College Board AP scholar with distinction; Girl's State delegate; Girl's Nation delegate.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Angela is fluent in French and has shared her knowledge freely with her fellow students. She is an outstanding, very motivated young lady, and I appreciate her insights into French language and culture. She contributed to my class's understanding greatly. Sharing her discernment of many various areas exposed my students to a richer French language experience.


Julie Hansen

American Fork High School

Parents: Mark and Trudy Hansen


When I was seven years old, I joined a children's and teen's dance program at BYU. Tuesdays became the highlight of each week as I ran home from school, eager to go to dance class. I took classes twice a week and began performing. Because of my commitment to dance, I am a more disciplined, dedicated and sensitive person. Most of all, dance enables me to share myself with others. I have seen people affected by the beauty of dance; it is inspiring. To dance is to know joy; I want to share my joy with others. My goal in life is to influence peoples' lives through the art of dance, performing professionally, raising a family and teaching dance at the university level.

SCHOLASTIC: Ranks 142nd in a class of 607. Current GPA 3.72.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Helped organize a beginning ballet class as a fund-raiser for my community; participated in Interlochen dance; performed in BYU senior and thesis project dances; created several dances for individual choreographic performances.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: Ririe-Woodbury teen representative; teacher of advanced technique in performing dance company; officer, performing dance company. Participated through dance at Utah State Developmental Center.

HONORS AND AWARDS: Recipient of Elizabeth R. Hayes dance scholarship at University of Utah; scholarship to Interlochen Art Camp; scholarships with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company; best choreographer, performance dance company.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Julie gave the best audition we have ever had (for a scholarship). To me, this means she is the top Utah student to qualify in my many years of teaching. Her choreography is outstanding as is her performance ability. Her output is of a caliber way beyond her years. This is a remarkable talent who gives generously of her skills on a continuing basis.

General Scholarship

Jarom L. McDonald

Timpview High School

Parents: Kelly C. and Beverly McDonald


My whole life I have been the same, rushing to do something else, something new. I love being active. I love life when I'm studying physics. I love life when playing frisbee. I love life when singing in the school choir. One of my friends once asked me, "Jarom, how come you are always on such a high? Don't you ever get bogged down in all the stress of life?" I just looked at her, smiled and said, "Life is good!" She laughed and shook her head. I guess she didn't understand.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 23rd in a class of 510. Current GPA 3.98. Scored 34 on ACT test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Currently involved in creating a display on optics and the human eye for Vern W. Bangerter Science Exploratorium.

LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: School president of Health Occupations Students of America; helped organize a school blood drive; collected toys for traumatized children; collected textbooks for schools in Nigeria and Mexico; volunteer at Sports Medicine Center; managing editor, Timpview Thunderbolt.

HONORS AND AWARDS: National Merit finalist; Timpview High School salutatorian; earned five academic letters; first place, state HOSA competition; first place, Utah Journalism Education Association; first place, sports writing, Utah Journalism Education Association; first place, BYU Language Fair (Russian).

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Jarom is one of those rare students for whom learning is an end in itself. His academic success is the natural result of exceptional intellectual ability, insatiable curiosity and practiced discipline. His motivation is not GPA, but rather the opportunity for discovery which compels him to explore subjects of all kinds. His scholastic record is good, but his test scores are an even better indication of his capabilities. Jarom is as positive an individual as I have ever known. He is quick to point out that life is good.


Jamie Lunceford

Timpview High School

Parents: Kenneth and Annette Lunceford


Quite honestly, if anyone had told me three years ago that I would ever be in the spotlight on stage, I would have laughed out loud. During my childhood, I was always the shy, curly-haired girl in the corner. There was nothing more terrifying to me than presenting myself to a group of people. During the performance of a musical play, I made the discovery that has changed my life. I discovered something magical about the theater in those moments when there is a mutual sharing between actor and audience.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks first in a class of 510. Current GPA of 4.0. Scored 31 on the ACT test.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Organized a musical variety program for local rest homes; took two travel study programs in Russia, with subsequent presentations; volunteers with organization for the handicapped; involved in many charitable events; planned a citywide high school dance for charity; helps elderly with yard work.

LEADERSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Economic director, Provo Youth Government; Russian Club president and member; student council; Timpview Environmentalist Team; Timpview Drug-Free Committee.

HONORS and AWARDS: Best Performer $1,000 award, Southern Utah University; Outstanding Junior, $350 scholarship, SUU; third place, Freedom Festival speech competition; first place, dramatic interpretation, Bruin Challenge; superior mono-act, SUU Shakespeare competition; first and second places, BYU Russian Language Fair.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Jamie is representative of the students we are trying to develop in our program. (She is) bright, beautiful, generous, organized and extremely talented. She always gives her performance to an audience. She is never selfish with that or any other thing in her life. She is both humble and confident.

Visual arts

Amber Fuller

Weber High School

Parents: Curtis and Holly Fuller

North Ogden

I enjoy art and always have. I started drawing and creating when I was very young and have enjoyed and appreciated the praise and encouragement given me by my peers, parents and teachers. I surprised myself, outdoing myself on each piece I created and have kept surprising myself ever since. I hope to go on learning from others and from personal experience for the rest of my life.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 56th in a class of 783. Current GPA 3.9. Honor roll 12 terms.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: North Ogden Cherry Days art competition first place; 1992 Clean Air Poster Contest, third place; Weber County Fair, first place sculpture; art academic letters 1992 and 1993

LEADERSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Key Club art and advertising chairman; National Society to Prevent Blindness screener; volunteer music performances; volunteer artwork for school concerts and events; Junior Honor Society service; school newspaper editor; viola, violin section leader; yearbook art editor.

HONORS and AWARDS: Numerous awards in district art competition; North Ogden Cherry Days art competition three years; awards for solo and ensemble music festivals.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Amber is a role model in the department. She is one of the few high school students who is intelligent enough to recognize the possibility and even the "need" to go beyond realistic representational art or that just being a "camera" is not necessarily being an artist. She is truly someone who sees the need to see as an individual and she backs up her feelings with determination, self-motivation and hard work.


Amy Greenwood

American Fork High School

Parents: Dale W. and Sharon O. Greenwood, American Fork

I began taking piano lessons at age six. My teacher encouraged me and got me excited about music. One unique experience I had was to travel to Moscow, Russia. Not only was I able to study and perform piano there, but I also gained an appreciation for the Russian style of music, culture and people. I hope others can feel my love for music and feel better about their lives through my performances. I believe music is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 13th in a class of 607. Current GPA 3.98. Scored 28 on ACT.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Participated for 12 years in Utah Music Teachers Association Achievement Programs; taught all the vocal music to a cast of 75 as school musical's assistant music director; organized a recital to introduce school's new grand piano; participated in school's Madrigal dinner fund-raiser.

LEADERSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Volunteer music teacher for elementary school; performed in benefit concerts to raise money for arts organizations; monitor/hostess for Encore music festivals; volunteer for Utah Symphony; volunteer work for charities; captain of cross country team that took state.

HONORS and AWARDS: Selected as one of 60 young American pianists to study in Moscow with teachers from Moscow Conservatory and Gnesin School of Music; soloist with Utah Symphony; gold medal for piano solo in State Music Festival.

AN ADVISER HAS WRITTEN: Amy is an example of a highly disciplined and intellectually gifted student. She spends countless hours refining and developing talent, consistently setting goals. Her life's goal is to use talents and abilities for the enjoyment and benefit of self, family and community.



Emily Madsen, Sky View

Paul Quinn, West


Rebecca Ann Brown, Viewmont

Benjamin T. Stokes, Timpview


Adrian Benton James, Olympus

Steven Merrill Sandberg, Timpview


Jason Boyer, Springville

David Crowley, Viewmont


Jennifer Arnold, Weber

Gina Smith, Clearfield


Amy Brown, Timpview

Brenda Joyce Nielsen, Taylorsville


Joni Kristine Lusty, Cyprus

Teresa Kathryn Matthews, Viewmont


Alejandro Sepulveda, Alta

Marie Mackey, West


Clint Duke, Bountiful

Erik Christensen, Orem


Abe Kimball, Pleasant Grove

Canace Pulfer, Olympus


Katherine Brim, Logan

Amanda Moody, Orem


Heather Payne, Hillcrest

Carolyn Strout, Alta


Michael Call, Orem

Amy Osmond, Bountiful