A common saying on Utah's Capitol Hill is that you can steal a man's cows, his horses and even his wife. But if you take his water, you're asking for real trouble.

Communities all up and down the Wasatch Front, as well as Box Elder and Cache counties, need Bear River water to meet future growth needs. Northern Utah communities are afraid the populous Wasatch Front counties will take more than their fair share of the Bear River. To solve such concerns, the Legislature voted 71-1 Wednesday to create a 21-member task force to study how best to develop and distribute water from the Bear River - the last under-developed water source in the state.Despite the overwhelming support, the bill's passage did not come without an onslaught of attempted amendments by Weber, Utah and Davis county representatives, all of whom were trying to ensure local interests on the task force. Four separate amendments to include additional or replacement representatives on the task force failed.

The measure now goes to the Senate, which is also expected to disagree with the makeup of the task force.