Salt Lake County has agreed to pay a portion of the legal fees incurred by a former chief investigator for the county attorney's office whose 1987 felony conviction - which cost him his job - was overturned last month.

The county will pay $1,657.50 to former investigator Don Harman to reimburse him for legal fees incurred during his appearances before a 1986 grand jury.That grand jury indicted Harman and county attorney's investigator Ralph Tolman for attempting to cover up a 1983 report suggesting a county agency was responsible a $2 million fire at a Murray office building.

Both men later were convicted of attempted evidence tampering but appealed. Harman was fired following the conviction. Tolman was dismissed before his conviction, following a drunken driving arrest.

Last month the Utah Court of Appeals overturned Harman's conviction, concluding insufficient evidence was presented to show he had committed a crime. Tolman's appeal is pending.

Harman, whose 18-year county rec-ord was unblemished before the indictment, has asked the county to reinstate him to his former job, grant all back salary and benefits accrued since his firing and pay his legal bills, estimated at $150,000.

The reimbursement does not include Harman's cost of defense against the indictments. The county attorney's office is still considering whether to recommend the county pay any portion of those costs.