Smith & Wesson is trying to sell a new line of handguns to women, but several leading women's magazines are refusing to carry the gunmaker's advertisements for the petite "LadySmith" .38 revolvers.

"We would not accept that category of advertising," said John de Holl, director of advertising services for Woman's Day magazine in New York. "It would be against the policy of the magazine to run any advertisements for firearms."Woman's Day is not alone. Smith & Wesson officials say New York-based Conde Nast Publications, including Mademoiselle, Glamour and Self, and Des Moines-based Meredith Group's Better Homes & Gardens all have rejected ads for the LadySmiths.

Smith & Wesson last month unveiled the new line of four handguns, the LadySmiths. The guns have been scaled down to better fit a woman's hand.

A spokesman for the gunmaker said advertisements for the guns will focus on public safety. The ads will not feature pictures of the guns, but rather illustrations of women in typical pre-crime situations.