He's no Parisian fashion czar, but the Syracuse Junior High School principal has decided the newest fashion craze - shorts over long underwear - is no longer part of the best-dressed student's wardrobe.

Principal James Schmidt told students that "wild" combinations of shorts and thermal underwear would no longer be tolerated at the school.The Davis School Board approved the controversial shorts policy almost three years ago when children wanted to wear shorts to be more comfortable in hot classrooms.

Schmidt said the district policy allows walking shorts in school and he "doesn't care" if they are worn during winter months. But when shorter shorts started appearing with the thermal underwear underneath during the recent "Yukon Express" he knew he had a problem.

"It became a joke. I had to put a stop to it," said Schmidt who has received few complaints about his decision from parents.

Last Thursday, he said, about 100 students tried to protest the ban on the shorts-and-thermals fad by staging a sit-in the school's main lobby. However, all returned to class when he threatened to call the police.

"Things have cooled down now," he said.