Novell is helping the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce keep up in the Information Age.

Novell, a world leader in personal computer networking technology recently donated $2,00 worth of networking equipment to the chamber to supplement the $8,000 in computers Novell gave two years ago."We are able to complete projects now that used to take twice as much time and half again as many employees to accomplish," said Steve Dens-ley, chamber president. "Novell has done a great service to the chamber, and thus the community, by bringing us up to speed with computers."

The chamber office is now equipped with a Novell file server and five computer terminals.

Densley said there was no hesitation on Novell's part to help the chamber fill its need for greater efficiency. "They rounded up the equipment and even sent someone to install it. We couldn't have asked for better service if we had paid for it."