The long, cold winter of 1988-89 is zapping Jordan School District's utility and energy budgets to the tune of $500,000.

George F. Copeland, the district's financial officer, asked Tuesday night for the budget to be reopened to make several adjustments, including adding that amount to the heat-and-light categories.A small surplus was available in the funds at the beginning of the year, so no increase was made during budget hearings, Copeland told the board.

"In prior years the district has been fortunate not to have had severe winters, which enable us to absorb state revenue cutbacks. The cold weather this year, however, has significantly increased the expenditures in the utility and energy budgets," he said.

The budget also will need to be adjusted to accommodate a $1.3 million increase in the cost of health insurance. The item was not approved during the budget process because district officials wanted to be certain the state's financing for education would be funded at full value.

In the past few years, the weighted pupil unit - the amount the state provides per student - has not been fully funded, creating shortfalls in district budgets.

However, the $1,204 per-pupil WPU will be fully funded this year. In addition, Jordan District also saw an increase this year in property tax collections, Copeland said. Revenues came in at 99.31 percent rather than the projected 97 percent, giving the district more money to adjust the budget.

The board also will determine how to spend its share of a special appropriation by the Legislature for supplies and technology. Of the total $3 million appropriation, Jordan will receive approximately $420,000, Copeland said. Ninety percent of that amount will be distributed to the district on Feb. 28.

Superintendent Raymond W. Whittenburg said schools will be surveyed to determine how the money should be spent.

Earlier, the district received $585,405 from a special $4 million state appropriation for textbooks.