Reviews of the Jazz's Karl Malone's MVP performance:

"Little seen outside the Mountain time zone, and rarely heard from now that the boisterous Frank Layden has retired, Utah was put on the map Sunday, thanks to these Jazz players who improvised better than anyone during the league's annual jam fest." - Sam McManis, Los Angeles Times."It was a day for good, old basketball skill rather than dash. And a day to get a good look at Stockton, Karl Malone and Mark Eaton of Utah, the team that may knock off the Lakers." - Sam Smith, Chicago Tribune.

"Sunday, Karl Malone . . . was definitely the leader of the band." - Alan Goldstein, Baltimore Sun.

"Karl Malone brought his parents and the state of Utah in to share the moment . . . While others flashed and dashed, Malone powered in for offensive rebounds and filled the lane for (John) Stockton's passes." - David Aldridge, The Washington Post.

"One person (Isiah) Thomas would be advised to steer clear of is Utah's Karl Malone . . ."