If you're college-bound and like the prospect of doing research, the University of Utah has a new program that will take you into the research lab as an undergraduate.

The U. Institutional Council approved the establishment Monday of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, which will publicize research opportunities campuswide and encourage faculty and undergraduates to pursue research together.Hugo Rossi, dean of the College of Science, said some campus departments such as anthropology, chemistry, geophysics, biology and geology have recruited undergraduates into research projects, but there has been no campuswide program.

After studying an undergraduate research program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rossi found that university had two-thirds of its undergraduates engaged in some aspect of research.

Richard Steiner of the chemistry department, who will head the new research program, said undergraduate research will provide several academic benefits. It will allow undergraduates to work individually with faculty and will involve students in additional academic pursuits on campus.

"It will keep undergraduates on campus. They won't come to the campus to class and then run off to a job," he said.

Steiner said faculty cooperation will be solicited, and a list of available projects will be mailed to current U. students. Incoming freshmen will receive the necessary information at freshman orientation.