Residents of Bennion who want their community incorporated are trying to override a Salt Lake County Commission modification of the proposed city's northern boundary before a scheduled May 2 incorporation election.

Incorporation backers have submitted a petition to the county clerk that could nullify a December commission decision to exclude from the incorporation area a tiny portion of the proposed city along 54th South.The incorporation petition presented last year proposed a northern Bennion boundary that would take in properties along the north side of 54th South generally between the east boundary at the Jordan River and the west boundary at 40th West.

The proposed Bennion southern boundary is the northern West Jordan city limits, generally along 6630 South.

But commissioners moved the proposed northern boundary to the center line of 54th South. By straightening the boundary, commissioners said municipal service delivery by respective city and county jurisdictions would be facilitated, should incorporation be approved by voters.

Now incorporation proponents want the northern boundary restored to their original proposal, once again including properties along the north side of 54th South within the city limits.

"Our primary reason for overriding was because several residents of the north side of 54th South expressed a desire to be in the city and not left out," said Michael Zundel, vice chairman of Citizens For Bennion Incorporation.

Under state law, if the override petition submitted last week has the valid signatures of 50 percent plus one of the signers of the original incorporation petition, the commission's boundary modification would be overridden. The Bennion boundaries to be voted on May 2 would then be those outlined in the incorporation petition.

County elections director Merrilea J. Jones said verifying the override petition signatures won't take long and is unlikely to cause any postponement of the scheduled incorporation election.