Martel Black, the former University of Utah star fullback, was sentenced Tuesday to six years in prison for his guilty pleas on two cocaine charges.

The sentence was not a shock. Earlier, U.S. District Judge David K. Winder told Black that if he pleaded guilty federal law would require him to serve between five and 80 years.Black admitted he distributed cocaine to a minor on the University of Utah campus and that he and Samuel A. Simmons possessed one kilogram (2.3 pounds) of cocaine with the intention of distributing it.

Originally Black was accused of nine counts, but in a plea bargain, seven were dismissed.

In December, after his guilty plea, he was scheduled to be released from custody for a few days so he could be married. At the time he was attending school while on part-time release from the federal halfway house.

But THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, was discovered in his urine during a random drug test. Winder immediately revoked the scheduled release.

In the brief hearing Tuesday, Winder sentenced Black and recommended that he serve his time at the federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas, because it has good drug treatment and educational programs. Black's university career was interrupted by the federal grand jury charges.

Black told Winder he was sorry about his crimes and that he wanted to get them behind him so he could start a new life.