University of Utah officials are in the dark about who is playing havoc with the lights in the Orson Spencer Hall auditorium.

The prank so riled an economics class that meets in the room that the students adopted a '60s technique and marched en masse on President Chase N. Peterson's office recently.The president wasn't in, but the U. administration got the message anyway.

Peterson said the U. is now playing sleuth, trying to catch the vandal who has repeatedly darkened the auditorium for the past month.

U. officials were not unaware of the problem before the protest, however. A lock had been installed on the circuit breaker, but the vandal jimmied the lock.

To prevent more classes being in the dark, physical plant director Randy Turpin said a new heavy-duty lock will be installed on the circuit breaker and the lock will be changed on the door giving access to the area.

Meanwhile, U. officials are left wondering about the prankster's motive. "It reminds me of my favorite uncle who, when he was a student at Utah State, was facing an exam he hadn't studied for. He put off a stink bomb in the room and didn't have to take the exam," Peterson said.